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QRL jacking


qrl jacking


Qrljacking(Quick Response Code Login Jacking) is a simple social engineering attack vector capable of session hijacking affecting all applications that rely on “Login with QR code” feature as a secure way to login into accounts. In a simple way, In a nutshell victim scans the attacker’s QR code results of session hijacking.


  1. The attacker generates a QR session and clones the Login QR code into a phishing website. Then the well-crafted phishing page with a valid and updated QR code is ready to be sent to the victim.
  2. After that, the attacker sends the phishing page to the victim by using his social engineering skills.
  3. The victim will scan the QR Code with a specific device.
  4. The attacker gains control of the victim’s account.
  5. The victim’s data is exchanged with the attacker’s session.
how qrl jacking works


The QRL Jacking consists of two sides:
  1. Server Side: A server-side script is needed to serve and shape the final look to the victim.
  2. Client Side: Cloning the QR Code and pushing it to the phishing page.


There are a lot of well-known web applications and services which were vulnerable to this attack until the date we wrote this paper. Here are some examples


 Whatapp, QQ instant messaging, Weibo, Line, Wechat 


QQ mail, Yandex mail.


Alibaba, Aliexpress, Tmall, Alimama, Taobao Trips


Alipay, Yandex money, Tenpay


Mydigipass, Zapper & Zapper WordPress login, Trustly App, Yelophone, Alibaba Yunos


1. Accounts Hijacking

QRLJacking attack gives attackers the ability to apply a full account hijacking scenario on the vulnerable Login with QR Code feature resulting in accounts stealing and reputation affection.

2. Information Disclosure

When the victim scans the QR code he is giving the attacker much more information like for example (his accurate current GPS location, Device type, IMEI, SIM Card Information and any other sensitive information that the client application presents at the login process)

3. Callback Data Manipulation

When the attacker receives the data which we clarified in the “Information Disclosure” point, Some of this data is used to communicate with the service servers to clarify some information about the user which can be used later in the user’s application. Unfortunately sometimes this data is exchanged over insecure network connection which makes it easy for this data to be controlled by the attacker giving him the ability to alter or even remove it.


As we all know, If we combined more than one attack vector together we can have a great result. QRLJacking attack can be combined with a powerful attack vectors and techniques to make it more reliable and trustworthy

1. Social Engineering techniques (Targeted Attacks)

A skilled social engineer attacker will find this mission easy to convince the victim to scan the QR Code by cloning the whole web application login page with an exact one but with his own attacker side QR Code.

2. Hacked highly-trusted websites and services

Hacked websites are prone to be injected with a script that displays an Ad or a newly added section displays a cool offer if the user scanned this QR Code with a specific targeted mobile application his account will be hijacked.

3. SSL Stripping

SSL Stripping is an attack which is all about strip the ssl website and force it to work on a non secured version. Web sites without “HSTS Policy” enabled are prone to be stripped which gives the attacker multiple choices to manipulate the content of the website pages by for example, “altering the QR Code login sections”.

4. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs Downgrading)

A well implemented Login by QR Code feature uses a base64 QR code image generated and well placed in a secured page which will make it very difficult to be manipulated if this website is working over HTTPS and forcing HSTS, but unfortunately a lot of web applications and services uses a CDN based QR image generation process. These CDNs itself are sometimes stored on a servers vulnerable to HTTPS Downgrading attacks. Attackers will find a way to downgrade these secure connections, redirect the CDN URLs to his own QR Code, and since the QR Code is an image this will result in a “passive mixed content” hence the browser will not find any problems by viewing it on the web application login page instead of the original one.

5. Non-secure Traffic over LAN

This is the most suitable attack vector for attacking users over Local Area Networks by exploiting the non secured websites and manipulate traffic, The attacker here is performing MITM (Man in the Middle Attack) against his local area network, poisoning the traffic on the fly by injecting a JS file on every non secured web page.

6. Bad Implementation / Logic

Bad implementation logic of the QR code logins may result into a more easy accounts takeover scenarios. During our research we found a specific example: A chat app asks you to scan other people’s QR code to add them as friends, until here it's normal and there are no problems, but when it comes to the login process it’s a big problem. Unfortunately, the application implemented the “login by QR code” feature on the same screen that you’re using to add a friend, so imagine that someone cloned his login qr code and told you “Hey, This is my QR Code, scan it to be my friend, you scanned it, Boom” you lost your account.


1. Session Confirmation, We recommend implementing a confirmation message/notification displaying characteristic information about the session made by the client/server.

2. IP Restrictions, Restricting any authentication process on different networks (WANs) will minimize the attack window.

3. Location-based Restrictions, Restricting any authentication process based on different locations will minimize the attack window.

4. Sound-based Authentication, One of the techniques to mitigate this kind of attack [And maintain the same usability level as to not require any additional interaction from the user other than scanning the QR ] is to add sound-based authentication step to the process , we have seen this kind of technology where it is possible to generate unique data and convert it to audio that can be recognized back into its original form [SlickLogin and Sound-Proof] so it is possible to include this technology in the process .

The purposes of this added step is to make sure that scanned QR code is generated in the same physical location as the mobile device that is doing the scan and therefore eliminating the possibility of a remote attacker deceiving the user into scanning his QR code.


The Attack Scenario: Attacker visits the website and opens a session.

1. The Website Generates QR Code which holds a session key.

2. Attacker crafts a phishing website with the received QR Code and sends it to the user.

3. User scans the attacker's QR Code in the phishing website.

4. The mobile App generates the authentication sound and play it to the phishing website.

5. The phishing website fails to process and capture the authentication audio as it requires additional browser permissions.

6. Even if the attacker tries to generate the authentication sound based on the (User ID) he still lacks the private key.

Monday, 28 January 2019

PUBG PC LITE: for free and for low specifications pc's

PUBG (Players unknown battleground) is one of the most popular games which are played in 2018, PUBG is a battle royale video game, survive to the last person or squad to get the winner winner chicken dinner. PUBG PC has some major problems one of them is it's too buggy and its require very high specification to run on pc and it is not free to play.
some people use the emulators for run PUBG MOBILE in pc or use the official Tencent emulator to run PUBG mobile. Tencent Emulator for PUBG is better than PUBG pc because it is run on any low spec pc and it is totally free to play. Now Tencent launches new PUBG pc for those who want to run PUBG in low spec and free of cost.

The system requirement of PUBG lite

PUBG lite is for the mid-range specs systems its system requirements are very low.

  • Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 64-bit are supported.
  • Intel Core i3 processor with up to 2.4GHz clock speed.
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Internet connection is required.
  • 4GB of available space.

How to download and install PUBG lite

PUBG Lite is currently available in Thailand global version is soon available but if you want to try PUBG lite then you can use Thailand VPN server for download and play.
PUBG PC is you also try its beta version and play.

  • Firstly setup your VPN to Thailand. and make sure that VPN is trustable and the server is good for downloading.
  • Create an account for PUBG lite using the link https://lite.pubg.com/
  • Now confirm your account using sent message through an email.
  • Now connect your PUBG lite account to steam account.
  • Download PUBG lite link:- https://lite.pubg.com/
  • after downloading login through the PUBG lite account then it downloads the game data.
Note:- VPN should be connected through the whole process.

PUBG PC lite graphics is similar to the PUBG mobile but its controls are similar to the PUBG PC.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Overclock cpu: Amd Vs Intel Overclocking software and how to do


overclocking imageThe process of forcing your electronics to perform better than the manufacturer meant your laptop C.P.U., tablet phone and any other trendy computing devices. Each C.P.U.  (AMD or Intel) and GPU clock speed is measured with a unit of GHz or MHz, 3.2 GHz or 1100 MHz that sort of factor currently this clock speed indicates what number of cycles that component will perform per second and customarily the additional cycles the higher as a result because that's more work is done now current CPUs and GPUs are guaranteed to run safely at their base clock say a video card could be 900 megahertz or a CPU could be 3.2 gigahertz now greater you to run safely without overheating or crashing at that speed what that means is that you could run it faster than that and still be safe maybe with a little more heat or a little more voltage required and that is exactly overclocking CPU.

in simple words overclock CPU is a simple and free way of increasing the speed of your PC without much work.

So, in this post beginner's guide on how to overclock your CPU and everything that ended up.
overclocking gpu image

How to Overclock

every motherboard has different than the others but everything that  I'm gonna be going over in this post and what you need to be looking at in  your BIOS in order to actually overclock your CPU is still going to be the same  it's just going to look a little bit different but they're kinda similar process.

Things to check before start overclock

M.I.T advanced frequency settings
  • Check your CPU or Motherboard can support overclocking, in the latest CPU manufacturer support to overclocking features like an Intel i3, i5, i7 there are two version available and one of them support the overclocking CPU.
  • Before starting the Overclocking process you need to check the current status of your CPU, for example, you can check the usage of CPU, the temperature during 100% of CPU usage, current processor speed etc. If the temperature is more than 75-80 Celsius than you should not overclock your CPU.
  • be sure that you have a well-reputed brand SMPS power supply or good condition of fans. 

The process of Overclocking CPU (AMD vs Intel)

  • Turn on or restart your pc and now enter the Motherboard BIOS. (In most of the AMD, motherboards use DELor F2 key to enter a BIOS and Intel Processor Motherboard usually DEL key is specified.)
  •  Go to the Advanced Frequency settings or Advanced mode in the M.I.T (Every motherboard has own unique design but you can find these settings in every motherboard although that can be available with different names)
GIgabyte motherboard setup
Overclocking Intel CPU

Gigabyte cpu frequency
Overclocking AMD CPU

  • now you can slightly increase the amount of CPU clock ratio (for example if your pc is clocked to 3.00 GHz than increase to only 3.10 GHz)
  • now save the settings and restart the computer. 
  • after restarting the computer check the CPU usage and its temperature if the pc stable and no windows blue screen error or the CPU temperature is less than 70-degree Celsius.
  • if you have any blue screen error or heavy increase in CPU temperature than you should try to increase the Core Voltage control and restart the pc again and perform stress check again.
Voltage frequency
Set Voltage Intel CPU

Voltage adjustment
Set Voltage AMD CPU

  • repeat these process again and again until you find the best possible frequency to run the CPU and these settings pc is stable.


Increase your CPU frequency by 0.1 GHz, heavy increment causes the inappropriate behavior or damaged your CPU and BIOS.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

RealMe 2 pro Price Feature and specifications

Realme 2 pro notch
Water drop notch
Oppo sub-brand RealMe Launch his first smartphone in this year 2018, after the huge success of RealMe 1 and RealMe 2 heavy demand of this phone but the RealMe 1 have some of the major issues like RealMe 1 does not have any fingerprint scanner and face unlock is not so good. and Realme 2 pro is based according to the low budget users.
Now RealMe 2 pro Launch it is the true successor of Phone RealMe 1. RealMe 2 pro is a phone which has comes with some more features that are missing in the previous one this is the upgraded version because its specifications are way greater than the RealMe 2 pro.
In this post, let's discuss its specification and our Opinions about RealMe 2 pro smartphone

Specification And Features

Display and Camera

Realme 2 Pro Camera
RealMe 2 Pro Camera

RealMe 2 pro has a large screen of 6.3 Inches IPS LCD with support of resolution full HD+ and low screen to the body ratio of 91.8 approx. with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 and screen has an protection of Corning Gorilla glass. The camera is very good for this price range, rear camera has dual camera setup with 16MP f/1.7 aperture and 2MP depth-sensing camera f/2.2 Aperture. the front camera is also good with 16MP and f/2.2 Aperture.

Hardware and performance

Hardware is good at this price but after the previous RealMe 1, everyone expects more than this. The phone has Octa-core 1.8Ghz Cortex A53 Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 with GPU Adreno 512. The RealMe 2 has the step backward to use this processor because RealMe has a powerful chip. the hardware of this Smartphone is good for the use in the day to day use. 
The Battery is quite impressive 3500mAh which are capable of backup of maximum 2 days. Phone running on an Android 8.1 with UI Color OS 5.2.
Physical appearance and design

RealMe 2 pro has the latest design of 19:5.9 with the notch on its top. and dimension of 156.7 x 74 x 8.5 mm and 174 g weight. This phone has no button on the bottom, this phone has a dual sim card slot. The phone bottom has USB 2.0 and Microphone and mic with 3.5 Audio jack. The back is also stylish with metal finishing. 

Price and availability
RealMe 2 Pro is available at a very affordable price and comes with SnapDragon 660. and its available on Flipkart on 11th October 

The Realme 2 has comes with 3 variants
4GB/64GB version is 13,990
6GB/64GB version is 15,990
8GB/128GB version is 17,990


  • The phone has good specification at a very affordable price. 
  • SnapDragon 660 with 128 GB and 8GBram in just 18,000.
  • The design is very good. 
  • The Design is the main feature of this phone with Dewdrop notch.

  • Depth Sensing Camera is only 2MP. 
  • No USB type C and fast charging.

Opinions And Review

The RealMe 2 has come with powerful specification and overall good features at this price range but the RealMe 1 has a better spec. This phone is perfect for those who want a phone with design and good spec in below 20000 prices.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Motorola One Power launch Its Feature and specifications

Motorola One Power Specifications
Motorola One Power
Recently Motorola faces many criticisms for launching its phone Moto G6 plus for their high pricing and average features that other mobiles company provides at the price below 17k-18k that is not worth for that price of 22k.
But now Motorola announce its new smartphone on September 24th, 2018 in India. The Motorola One-Power has come with the good features at the good price range and now it competes with the other smartphones like Nokia 6.1 plus, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Asus Zenfone max pro m1 at this price range it can now compete with these smartphones.

Specification And Features

Display and camera

motorola one power display
motorola display 

This smartphone Motorola One Power has come with a good camera and display, Display is very large IPS LCD screen. Motorola One Power has a beautiful screen with 19:9 Aspect ratio and resolution of 1080 X 2246 and a size of 6.20 Inches FHD + with good viewing angles. It comes with the large top-notch display.
Motorola One Power has come with 16MPf/1.8 + 5MP f/2.2 aperture dual rear camera with flash and front camera with the 12MP f/2.0 selfie camera also with front flash. with includes, It supports HDR video recording at a resolution of 1080 pixels @ 60fps, 3840x2160 @ 30 fps

Physical Appearance and design

motorola one power
The Motorola One Power has the good overview on the basis of design, it has the top-notch low Bazzel design which helps to maintain good screen to body ratio of  91.27% and its provide a large screen to media consumption, with a large screen of 6.20 inches, it back comes with textures. it design looks awesome it has the 3.5mm audio jack, speaker, and microphone at the bottom. It has supported the dedicated sim slot support of memory card expanded to 256GB. It has the all necessary sensors like Proximity, Accelerometer, gyroscope and fingerprint sensors.

Hardware and performance

motorola one power display
moto display
Motorola One Power has a good hardware with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 with Octa-Core processor frequency 1.8 GHz With GPU Adreno 509. It comes with 64GB and 4GB memory. It contains a large battery of 5000 mAh which is run more than one day with Turbo power 15vatt Fast charging support. It does support the USB type C, It runs with 8.1 oreo with stock Android OS. According to specification Motorola One Power has the great performance in gaming and day to day usage and productivity work. and security is very good with Fingerprint sensor at back in the design of Motorola LOGO and Face scanner.

Price and Availability 

Motorola one power mobile
motorola one power
Motorola One Power price is only 15,999 rs which are great at this kind of specification, This phone is available on Flipkart.com website on October 5, 2018.

  • The Camera looks great according to the specifications similarly, Motorola One Power has an impressive camera setup.
  • The battery is very large of 5000mAh support of Fast charging is available through the Turbo PowerFast charging.
  • Stock Android is good for the future updates. 
  • Camera specification is good Although the front camera might be disappointing.
  • Motorola One Power has many competitors at this price range with similar specifications.

Opinion and Review

The phone has good and smart features with its user interface Stock android which is simple to use. this phone is worth buying only for the who want a good camera and battery performance with the turbocharging feature and USB type c and support of NFC, there are good competition and many other options are available in the market and worth about price.

Monday, 24 September 2018

E-sim technology and its future in India

Recently Apple Launches his new phones Series X with the support of dual sim, But in India, one of these sims is an E-Sim and another is a regular physical sim. iPhone Xs max, Xs are available with the support of E-sim. currently, in India Jio and Airtel are the cellulars networks who avail the E-sim facility to their networks.

What is an E-sim

E-sim is known as electronic Sim card or Embedded sim card that does not exist physically although it contains a small chip inside a phone that helps to access the networks. Basically, the e-sim can't be removed but you can change the cellular networks or you can disable this feature. and the information of the e-sim is can be manipulated or overwrite.

E-sim is introduced in 2016 and it was previously based on the only 3G networks. Samsung galaxy gear S2, but E-sim popular after the Apple watch 3 edition support of E-sim. Then there are many devices come that supports the E-sim facility like Google pixel 2.

Benefits of using the E-sims 

E-sims is currently using in smartphones to maintain the design of the smartphones E-sim does not occupy the extra space for using any sim slots. Using E-sim that eliminate the problem of many sim cards and at the time of changing cellular network provider, to change network provider in E-sim you only need to call the network operator. to using E-sims you need only QR code.

E-SIM is very useful for those people who regularly travel or does not stay in a particular state or country less than 6 months than they should change their network provider every time and it is quite a time-consuming process but using e-sim they can charge network provider easily.
The phone design is another main reason for because the sim slot occupies more space in the phone that is why using E-sim is a good decision for the manufacturer to add the extra hardware in the Gadgets.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Apple Announced new Iphone X series

Apple launches a new iPhone series in California and also launch Apple watch series 4, They announced 3 Phone named as iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max. Apple refers to as an iPhone X successor. These series come with 3 new phones with the very good specifications. The special attraction to these phones is these phones support Dual Sim One sim is Physical and other is e-Sim. The iPhone XR comes with large screen of 6.1 Inches IPS LCD display also known as the Liquid retina Display, The iPhone Xs comes with the 5.8 Inches Display and iPhone Xs Max has comes with large screen of 6.5 Inches, both phones come with an OLED display. These phones have a similar design to iPhone X.

In these post, we discuss the Specification, the price of these smartphones.


Display and Camera

iPhone XR (Ten-R)

The iPhone XR has the large screen of 6.1 Inch Liquid Retina Display and resolution 828X1792 19.5:9 screen to body ratio with a big sized notch, the iPhone XR does not have any 3D touch similar to other iPhones.
The Camera specification is lower when compare than the other Two iPhones, This phone has is a single camera set up at a back of a 12MP rear camera f/1.8 Aperture this phone does not have a dual camera and 2X zoom although you can use portrait mode with Depth control, video record 4K at 60fps with 2X fast sensor. The front camera is 7MP with the support of Face ID. 

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs max 

these phones iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs max have the screen size of 5.8 Inch and 6.8 Inches respectively Both the phones have OLED display and resolution 1,125 x 2,436px and 1,242 x 2,688px 19.5:9 screen to body ratio with a big sized notch.

The camera is similar to the iPhone X a 12MP f/1.8 and f/2.2 dual rear camera support of OIS and the front camera is 7MP f/2.0 Aperture. with true tone flash.

Physical Appearance and design

These Smartphones has the similar design to the iPhone X, these phones have 19.5:9 aspect ratio. These phones contain almost every sensor

Hardware and Performance

iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, and Xs Max have the latest IOS 12 with apple A12 bionic chipset, which is a hexacore CPU. and GPU is Apple GPU of 4-core graphics. Performance in these three phones is similar. These phones have the improved face ID Support which is faster than the iPhone X face ID,
phone contain is single sim slot while other sim use as an e-sim. 

Price and availability

The iPhone XR is available in three variants 64GB, 128GB and 256GB and the base variant price are 76,900 preorder starts on 19th October.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max are also available in three variants and three color option space grey, silver, and golden finish. iPhone Xs is starting at price of 99,000 and iPhone Xs Max is starting at 1,09,000,
both phone available on 28th September in India.

Opinions or Thinking

The iPhone XR is the good phone for those who only want to use an iPhone, this phone has the good chipset but the camera and screen are below than the iPhone X an iPhone XS.
The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are also having the similar designed to the other X series. all phone have minor changes.