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Hello friends, This post is only for educational purpose, there I am going to tell you about some HACKING Operating system. as we know some operating System that is able to hack other windows, website, server, etc. So here I am going to list few operating systems which are based on Linux, these HACKING operating system are listed by their performance and here I am going to tell you the installation process of these windows to install these windows you have to follow step by step to know more about hacking check out another post that will come soon. These operating systems are using by professionals, all these windows are really very effective.


This OS is only used for the hacking purpose, Backtrack OS is also available in the live OS mode that means without installation you are able to this OS by using a CD, DVD, USB, etc. This is also available for HDD installation. This OS is based on GUI (Graphic User Interface) that make this easily under. That is also working in the multiuser at a time. Similar to the Windows start button, We have a button with the Backtrack icon in the lower left-hand corner of the lower panel. When you click on it, It opens up a collection of multi-nested menus just like Windows. Backtrack is a Linux Operating system. This is one of the best operating systems for hacking.Backtrack contains many security tools that can be used while penetration and testing.

System Requirements


Minimum requirements

1GHz, 32-bit or 64-bit processor.
1 GB of system memory (RAM).
2GB HDD space.

Recommended hardware requirements
2+ GHz, 64-bit processor.
4 GB system memory (RAM).
5 GB HDD space.


Minimum requirements
2 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit dual-core processor
4 GB of system memory (RAM)
3 GB of available disk space

Recommended hardware requirements
2+ GHz 64-bit processor.
8 GB of system memory (RAM).
5 GB of available disk space.
2 Mpbs or higher Internet connection for software activation, product updates.

C251/C166/C51 Development Tools

Minimum requirements
1 GHz, 32-bit or 64-bit processor.
1 GB of system memory (RAM).
512 MB of available disk space.

Recommended hardware requirements
1.5+ GHz, 64-bit processor.
2 GB of system memory (RAM).
1 GB of available disk space.
2 Mpbs or higher Internet connection for software activation.

Download here


Kali Linux is also a Linux based operating system that works in GUI (Graphics User Interface). This OS has also supported the live mode and HDD installation, It also supports CD, DVD, USB boot in live mode. That's desktop is the same as windows and this Operating system working same as Backtrack Linux. The whole interface of  Kali Linux is the same as Backtrack Linux. Infect since 2013 backtrack Linux is being together and working as Kali Linux. This operating system is a great platform for learning to hack. This is fully loaded with hacking tools and most of the tool is based on GUI that makes easy to operate this OS.There are full of pre-installed pen testing tools like NMAP, Wifite, Jhon the Ripper, Air-crack ng and others, therefore, it is very helpful to learn to hack in advance level

minimum requirement 

Intel Pentium or compatible (x86 or x86_64) 2.0GHz minimum or armhf.

Approximately 3-8 GB of disk space for full installation and Build.

2 Gigabytes for 32Bits OS and 4 Gigabytes for 64Bits OS, 1 
Gigabyte for an armhf OS.

3D accelerated for 3D programming.
1440x1024 or higher resolution monitor.


Wifislax is a small sized operating system that works very well this operating system is mainly concerned with wireless hacking and the most of tool are only based on wireless hacking like wifite2, Aero-crack ng, Goyscript and many hacking tools.This OS is really very good, This OS is based on Linux developed by Italian security, This OS is also supported live mode and CD, DVD, USB boot. this window is working on GUI (Graphics User Interface). This OS is good for beginners, Basically, This OS is working with Spanish language but you able to change his menu language. The whole interface of this OS is same as the Kali Linux. This OS is easily understandable. 
You can use regular day to work in it has already installed Mozilla Firefox for internet browsing, XMMS audio player and SM player for Videos,and security application like Airssl,CookieMonster and many more. 


1 GHz, 32-bit or 64-bit processor.
1 GB of system memory (RAM).
512 MB of available disk space.

A good wifi adapter or internal networking card

Download here


Back Box Linux is based on Ubuntu and designed for penetration tests and security assessments, The back box Linux's interface is GUI (Graphic user interface),it is built in xfce desktop environment. It is just based on Ubuntu it comes with similar interface like boot menu or start menu.It has available in english language and also available in other five language German,Spanish,Italian and French.

It has also included apps like Geany IDE,GIMP image editor,Mozilla firefox,Mozzila thunder and you can download an use some other software's and use software like Libra office.


1 GHz, 32-bit or 64-bit processor.
1 GB of system memory (RAM).
2 GB of available disk space.

Download here

Parrot Security OS

Parrot security OS is developed by frozenbox's team it is designed for ethical hacking, pen testing, computer security, cryptography etc.It is similar to kali linux but Parrot security OS is lightweight 
and highly efficient.It comes with MATE desktop enviornment and its highly customizable.
its also provide privacy while surfing on internet on its anonymous mode or you can develop your own software from Arduino IDE,Geany IDE,Atom,Ipython etc.


700 MHz, 32-bit.
256 MB of system memory (RAM).
16 GB of available disk space.

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