Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Android 9(PIE) and Its features: With Artificial Intelligence Support

Google launch his latest android version officially, and now it comes with the smart technologies, smart navigation and many more. This latest android version comes with the Artificial Intelligence which is also demanding for the next generations smartphones. Google has already revealed some of the features in the beta version of Android P.
The Android P has some cool new features upgrade from the previous version of Android Oreo.
Now let's check the specification, features and compare with the previous version how it is more reliable and good or its just give minor changes in the post.


Adaptive Technology

Google announced the new feature of the Adaptive technology with its Battery and brightness, basically it's adaptive term uses the Artificial Intelligence to check the user's day to day app usage and frequency of work with apps and system will decide how many power will supply to the App.
Similarly, Adaptive brightness also works with the same way app usage will decide how the app needs the phone brightness, it likes to the auto-brightness but with the app significance.

Auto Customised app actions

App Actions is the feature which helps to maintain the app shortcuts according to the place and time which app you use then it recognizes it and every time the situation occurs it automatically suggest the app to use. For example, if you use the music apps while you traveling then next time it suggests music players.

Simple User Interface with using gestures

the new android PIE has come with a new interface in which the bottom navigation keys are removed and the only home button will be available all work is done through the gestures, 

App usage Dashboard

the dashboard provides to monitor Ap
p and determine how frequently and how many time we spent on the app. and App timers it will allow to set a time limit for using an app's usage.

Select to Speak(S2S)

Android PIE provides the digital OCR(Optical character Recognizer) in the camera which helps you to select any text from the picture and it will read aloud.

Other Features of Android PIE

Android PIE has a lot of the other minor or small feature has been added:-
now the Android PIe can support the multi-camera and use for the depth sensing and it also connects the external camera. Do not Disturb is improved in this version.
It fully supports the 18:9 and now its screen to edge to edge.
And the volume controls easily switch between media and calls, and take screenshots only from home buttons 
The rotation feature is available now you can change the orientation of mobile even the orientation is  locked


Android PIE is now available for all pixel phones and others phone will get the update at the end of the year, All Android phone with stock android will get the update till the October. remaining phones update depends on the manufacturer.

In the end, Android Pie has the major changes till the previous version Android Oreo. Android PIE has great artificial intelligence changes in this version. It completes all the requirement of 2018.

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