Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Google Tez is now Pay

Google recently announced in an event of Google for India to an app named Google Pay literally it was a previous application known as Google Tez. Google Tez is a mobile payment app that uses the UPI  to transfer the money which is the safest way to transfer the money to others. There is no required to log in or create an account to use this. Google Tez released in September. In this few time, Tez was rapidly increasing their databases reach the 1,2 Million + users. The Google Tez interface is quite simple for the users to use. Google wants to reach the 1.5 lakh retail partner to the Diwali.

Google Pay Changes and updates

The Google Pay app does not have many big changes or updates, some minor features that can you see in the Google Pay app are now can connect through the main banks of India. Google Pay now is more fast and secure and its avail the feature of making credit to banks and take loans. Google pay can be used in HDFC, ICICI, Federal Bank and Kotak Mahindra banks as soon as possible. Creating credit from Google pay is easy to process because it uses very less paperwork, Google says that it would be as a term of conditions of Banks.

Features that can be Useful for consumer

  • The User Interface of Google pay is similar to the previous application Google Tez and is simple.
  • Google Pay application uses UPI features that can use the consumer bank account to transfer the money and receive the money.
  • Google Pay application has good security options like Google Pin, Google uses the Fingerprint and Face scanner to authenticate.

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