Monday, 6 August 2018

Misuse of aadhaar details:- secure your aadhaar details and number

Misusage of Aadhaar details or number spreading on social networking sites and some news sources. 
If you ever worried about the security of the Aadhaar number because of the news of misusing the Aadhaar, so that we introduce some precaution and safety measure to concern this topic.

People have noticed a number 1800-300-1947 on their mobile phones and their Google contacts. now google admits their fault this is the previous number of the UIDAI, you can replace the number with a new one.
first, you should check your mobile number will be linked to your Aadhaar card or not, if it's not linked then go to the nearest Aadhaar center and fill the form and update your mobile number.
Mobile number is should be connected to Aadhaar for avail its full feature.

Check misusage of the Aadhaar

If you ever found suspicious about the Aadhaar or get unwanted OTP on your Aadhaar registered mobile number or you have doubt about your Aadhar is used in how many places, then you should try these methods to check what is the Aadhaar usage history and complaint about this issue.

in your pc or smartphone browser login into the
now in this website click on the Aadhaar authentication history below on the Aadhaar services section or you can simply go through this link and 

This feature is used to view authentication details and fetch your Aadhaar authentication history or data. To view the history you should fill the UID and Security code then click on Send OTP, now you will get an OTP on your mobile phone.

in the new page, then select the date and fill range between you want to check the history and then enter the number of records for eg. 50, now fill your OTP which you will get on the phone.

Finally, you will get the Authentication history of the Aadhaar.
if you find any suspicious activity in the history then you should contact to 1947 or go to

Aadhaar authentication using VID

UIDAI release the VID to secure the authentication process, VID(Virtual ID) is the concept of temporary, revocable 16 digits random number mapped with the Aadhaar number using for authentication purpose. The Virtual ID allows you to authenticate transactions and e-KYC (Know-your -consumer) process.

you can use Virtual ID uses the same way as UID. Virtual ID is temporary 16 digits number which we generate at any time, but Virtual ID generates only 2 times in a 24 hrs. if we do not change this then it will remain the same but for security, reason tries to change every time you use the Virtual ID. There will be only one working and valid Virtual ID for an Aadhaar number at a time.

The UIDAI start Virtual ID from June 2018 but will be fully operational in August 31st, when the bank and other service providers avail this facility. it is compulsory for all agencies to authenticate through the Virtual ID for the customer. 

The Virtual ID can be generated through the online from the official website or its mobile app 

The purpose of the Virtual ID create the Aadhaar more secure and use freely without knowing everyone UID. 


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