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Mobile Phone's Sensor and their uses

Mobile Phone's Sensor and it's work


Every Smartphone user uses their phone in such different ways, some people use the phone to gaming some people use for gaming, multimedia, and as a music player or some people only use for calling and day to day internet activity, to perform all these function smartphones uses different types of sensors. In this post listing some sensors which use in a smartphone.

It is the most commonly used sensor in smartphone devices and the most important 

sensor for a smartphone.This sensor is used to determine a device orientation along its axis, 

the app uses this data to tell the phone in portrait or landscape orientation, it works by the

sensing the acceleration of gravity. Simply accelerometer tells the software that how the 

user holds the smartphone for example if a device autorotation is on then the

device will automatically change their view according to the user holding position 

vertically or horizontally. also possible using the accelerometer.

Some smartphone have feature if they put turn back they automatically go to silent or power
save mode, it 


The gyroscope sensor its nearly similar to the accelerometer but this sensor provides 

orientation information with greater accuracy. the gyroscope measures the angular 

rotation velocity according to X, Y and Z axis. It is advance than the accelerometer 

because it also detects the lateral view or tilt.gyroscope helps in gaming like the 

racing games, RPG games and it also used in AR, VR or 360-degree videos.


The magnetometer is a sensor which able to read the magnetic field and using that 

the compass application used to point north pole. The magnetometer is also able to 

use as a metal detector if metal near to its the output is changed according to the 

distance. magnetometer also helps in the maps application or real-time location 

application which uses a magnetometer to find the direction.

Infrared sensor:-

The infrared sensor is initially used in multimedia mobile phones for communication 

or put in a straight to transfer the multimedia files using Infrared, later it uses has 

been decreased because of Bluetooth because of it easier and efficient than Infrared 

because some distance or disturbance make transfer fail.Today Infrared sensor is

used in the smartphone as a universal remote control. using Infrared sensor mobile 

can control any device which uses the IR blaster.

Proximity sensor:-

This is the comprised of Infrared LED and infrared light detector, it is placed near 

to the earpiece of the phone, it basically throws an Infrared light and then the light 

detector detects the light and calculates the reflected light and distance with the object.

proximity sensor does screen black while calling to prevent unnecessary touch of our skin.

Light sensor:-

Light sensor also is known as ambient light sensor it places nearly to a proximity sensor,

this sensor detects the light of the area and application uses this result to change the 

brightness of the smartphone.for example, phone brightness will automatically raise 

in the outdoors, or low when you are in a dark room. 


The barometer is usually found in high-end smartphones, barometer uses to calculate 

atmospheric pressure and determine how the device is above the sea level. barometer 

helps to improve GPs accuracy and in another way, some applications using barometer 

tells the how much height we travel in health-related apps.


The thermometer is usually found in every device to check the internal temperature of 

the smartphone and decide the to slow the components or sometimes when the phone 

is overheating then shut down to prevent the damage. Some smartphone has the 

external thermometer to check the temperature of outside or room.

Air humidity sensor:-

Air humidity sensor measures the humidity of the area and decide the is comfortable

or not.and some application uses to check whether good for you or not.


The pedometer is usually not found in every smartphone, a pedometer is a basically 

advanced version of accelerometer it. A pedometer helps to count the step that 

the user has walked, it can be obtained by the device with an accelerometer 

but pedometer is far accurate and power efficient than the accelerometer.

Heart rate:-

Heart rate monitor is basically not a sensor it is hardware functionality and its uses 

optical heart rate sensor and its use to measure one pulse and does take that the 

minute pulsation of the blood vessel inside once in a finger, it usually found in 

some galaxy devices.

Fingerprint sensor:-

now fingerprint sensor is probably found in every budget or flagship smartphones. 

It is more convenient and add an extra feature that provides security, fingerprint 

sensor almost replace the other screen locks. every smartphone uses the capacitive

scanner which creates the finger impression map to authenticate but the old method 

optical fingerprint scanner is now used in some devices which also known as under 

display fingerprint sensor.

Radiation detector:-

it is not found in every phone and there is some phone in Japan which have this sensor.

This is used to measure current radiation level in the area. Japanese company Softbank corp. developed a phone with inbuilt radiation detector.

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