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Smartphone Camera and its related terms

Smart Phone Camera

In today generation most of the people use a smartphone and its feature because it's more easily do our day to day work, and it almost replaces PC in some work. Smartphone has a lot of features that everyone uses and replaces any other gadgets.
therefore every smartphone user wants a smartphone that can fulfill every consumer needs, the features of the smartphone are camera internet accessibility and lots more.
Usually, a common man bought there smartphone just checking there Processor, RAM, and Camera. everyone compare their camera using the Megapixel count of Camera.
In this post, we discuss some of the smartphone camera related terms that help to the camera to click good quality pictures.


Megapixel is just a combination of pixel count, 1 Megapixel contains a million pixels. Every pixel contain some sort of information and combination of pixels store the whole picture and if the Megapixel count is large then the more information is stored and you can zoom in without pixelate and it printed on large paper.

Megapixel count needs to print on Paper

2 MP1600X1200
3 MP2048 X 1536
5 MP2560 X 1920
8 MP3264 X 2468
12 MP4200 X 2800

camera sensor is the important part of the smartphone camera which is used to adjust and balance the camera contrast,
Smartphone camera is usually found in two types

BSI is the best sensor which is available currently in the market BSI sensor gets the more lightning which results to great picture in smartphone camera
CMOS Sensor is used in the previous smartphone but now BSI replace mostly, but now CMOS sensor upgrades and it is also good.
The camera also depends on sensor size for example 1/3.1,1/2.3.
float number shows the camera sensor size, smaller the number means larger the camera sensor sizes.


Aperture shows the ratio of the camera focal length and shutter size. Camera Aperture represents the shutter size which passes through the light in the shutter, f stops(f/2,f/4,f/8)  represents the shutter size big shutter size captured more information.


OIS (optical image stabilization) is that the feature that helps to click still images. usually in low light images, can't find the proper light, therefore, camera shutter takes time to capture. this causes the image unstable if users cant take a proper picture then camera OIS adjust camera sensor to accordingly, and click great pictures.


EIS(Electronic image stabilization) EIS is use like OIS but their working for image stabilization. OIS is a hardware feature but EIS is the software feature but which can be updated to any phone using a software phone.EIS uses cropping and frameshifting to stable the picture.


The focus is one of the main features of the camera which helps to focus the object more clearly.
Smartphone camera has three types of focus
Autofocus(contrast base), Face detection, Laser Autofocus.

Autofocus is available in the budget range smartphones which focus on the object by using contrast and measuring its distance, It will take some time to focus.

Face Detection or Autofocus it focus the subject using identifying face and it can automatically focus it.

Laser beam autofocus is the best way to focus because it uses a laser beam to measures the distance between objects.


If you ever took a picture in low light then you find picture was not good. It is because the camera sensor does not get information to capture. In this time the flash helps to censor and shutter accordingly throw a light to object and take good pics.

there are three types of the Camera flash:-

Xeon flash:-It is the oldest mode of the flash, Xeon gas was filled in a glass that can produce light if the glass provides the high voltage. it is available in old smartphones like Sony and Nokia flagship models. It cant be used for a long time and it also takes more battery.

LED flash:- It uses LED lights to flash which produce bright light. It can also use as a torchlight.

Dual toned LED:- Dual toned LED provides two LED. One provides the warm and another give the cool effects.


If we discuss the camera specification then the video is also an important as another section. Video depends on its resolution and its bit rate, But if you want more good quality video than you should know about FPS(Frame per Second) it shows the frame or pictures in 1 second.

Video resolution and its size
ResolutionFPSSIZE(1 minute)
720p30FPS60MB approx.
720p60FPS80MB approx
1080p30FPS130MB approx
1080p60FPS1750MB approx
4K30FPS350MB approx

Usually, it depends according to it bitrate and more resolution have more bitrate on more of the cases.

According to the above term, you can find a perfect smartphone camera.

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