Sunday, 2 September 2018

Artificial Intelligence and how its work

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (also known as AI) is a technology that embedded in any machines or software and they work automatically according to its own intelligence. It uses purely its own artificial intelligence and to study its environment and take the decision which decision is right.
Artificial Intelligence is a theory which made in 19's decade, its created for finding a good replacement of the human brain and by using any machine or program. The main perspective for creating Artificial Intelligence is to find the copy of the human brain. 

Working of AI in human life

Artificial Intelligence or AI is used for solving the problems like a human to reduce the complexity for humans. It is used developed many types of machines and software for example Robots, games like chess. Artificial Intelligence is learning the based program, which automatically decides its working to analyze users behavior and environment.

AI Uses

In programs

Artificial intelligence is used in programs to create program efficient for the people to use programs that help the programs to choose its own working. The Assistant in search engines is the great example of Artificial Intelligence, like Google assistant, iPhone Siri, Windows Cortana, and Amazon's Alexa. These are the software or programs that use the Artificial Intelligence properly to give an answer. Basically, it is a set of predetermined answers that they give an answer to its user according to the program own intelligence. 


Artificial Intelligence is mostly used in gaming, Artificial Intelligence makes games more unpredictable. in the chess game, the program is used the Artificial intelligence that decides its next turn after the player its turn.


Artificial Intelligence is almost used in everywhere in the current generation. In robotics, Artificial Intelligence is the most common and important part because of Artificial intelligence the robots can make the decision. for more reviews like this visit,the robots are used in many places, robots are work in the factory to minimize the accidents conditions and military to using robots and some drones and small machines that collect data from the remote area.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of an Artificial Intelligence that helps the machine to learn things and use it at the time user needs it in many ways. Machine learning is used in some kind of character recognition software which the software used to recognize the writer.

The disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is very beneficial to our new generation, but the AI can cause some harm to the people in the other ways like it causes the main to the workers which are replaced with the AI., for example, the artificial intelligence cars can replace the work of driver and it causes the unemployment to the poor people.

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