Monday, 24 September 2018

E-sim technology and its future in India

Recently Apple Launches his new phones Series X with the support of dual sim, But in India, one of these sims is an E-Sim and another is a regular physical sim. iPhone Xs max, Xs are available with the support of E-sim. currently, in India Jio and Airtel are the cellulars networks who avail the E-sim facility to their networks.

What is an E-sim

E-sim is known as electronic Sim card or Embedded sim card that does not exist physically although it contains a small chip inside a phone that helps to access the networks. Basically, the e-sim can't be removed but you can change the cellular networks or you can disable this feature. and the information of the e-sim is can be manipulated or overwrite.

E-sim is introduced in 2016 and it was previously based on the only 3G networks. Samsung galaxy gear S2, but E-sim popular after the Apple watch 3 edition support of E-sim. Then there are many devices come that supports the E-sim facility like Google pixel 2.

Benefits of using the E-sims 

E-sims is currently using in smartphones to maintain the design of the smartphones E-sim does not occupy the extra space for using any sim slots. Using E-sim that eliminate the problem of many sim cards and at the time of changing cellular network provider, to change network provider in E-sim you only need to call the network operator. to using E-sims you need only QR code.

E-SIM is very useful for those people who regularly travel or does not stay in a particular state or country less than 6 months than they should change their network provider every time and it is quite a time-consuming process but using e-sim they can charge network provider easily.
The phone design is another main reason for because the sim slot occupies more space in the phone that is why using E-sim is a good decision for the manufacturer to add the extra hardware in the Gadgets.

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